Ship Operations and submerged structures

Macpherson Underwater Services carries out all kinds of support for submerged ships and structures, employing sophisticated tools for its development.

Ship Repairs.

We carry out all kinds of repairs of vessels, like sealing leaks, welding, liberation of propellers or rope guards, installation of transducers, cofferdams, grid repairs etc. Our degree of reliability has permitted us to carry out repairs for the Italian, Canadian & US Navy.

Hull Cleaning, Structures and Propeller Polishing.

We perform hull cleaning and propeller polishing with hydraulic machinery approved by all classified companies for hull cleaning, oil rigs, bridges, as well as all kinds of propeller polishing.

Class & non-class Surveys of vessels.

Class Surveys allow vessels to extend navigation permits without the use of dry docking. For this we employ sophisticated equipment for the clearance and thicknesses readings, as well as CCTV cameras for viewing from the surface, which allows us to perform class inspections for the most important classification societies and public agencies.

Salvage & Wreck removal.

Macpherson Underwater Services has taken part in diverse projects of salvage and wreck removal of ships throughout its history. We are highly qualified and we have the equipment and personnel necessary to act in any type of operation from smaller vessels to operations on vessels of greater dimensions.


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